Braun FP3020 Food Processor Review


The Germans have done it again. Every time their engineers set upon the task of building something, whether it’s an electric toothbrush or a luxury automobile, they always hit the mark. And they have gone and done it once again. They’ve engineered an appliance, a kitchen appliance. And we’re so excited to have it with us. It’s another one from Braun, the FP 3020 food processor. I tend to idolize these Europeans’ engineering capabilities. I mean, to date, I haven’t used a German made product that fails to satisfy and out perform its competitors. So I enter this review with a rather partial attitude. Forgive me for that. However, I’m hoping that by the end, you too will have converted to a believer. So, without further ado, here’s the Braun FP 3020 food processor review.


This food processor measures 15.6 inches by 15 inches by 11.4 inches and weighs in at only 10.1 pounds. Braun knows that what we want is a highly portable appliance so just think, moving it about and carrying it in and out of the cupboards isn’t a pain at all. That’s a good sign. Powering it is a 600 watt motor that Braun tells us is capable of up to 900 watts of peak power.

It has a lovely white body and on the front face, there are two knobs. To the left is the dual control system that lets you choose from any of the 11 speeds at your disposal. The second knob is the on, off or pulse control. Both are quite conveniently placed, within reach. The price, you ask? You can get your hands on this German machine for $159.99.

Braun FP3020 Food Processor Style and Design

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What does this appliance do? Well, it will chop, slice, whisk and knead. That’s right; it comes bundled with seven attachment blades. And oh, you also get a citrus juicer attachment. To get it working, all you do is lock the bowl on top of the base that’s covering the motor, insert your blade of choice and cover with the lid. Braun gave this food processor a rather intelligent safety feature. If the bowl and lid aren’t locked in place, the machine will defy your attempts to power it up. Once everything is firmly attached, turn the knob to on and the machine comes alive. It emits a soft hissing sound. The FP 3020 is beautifully silent belying the fact that it has a powerful motor functioning underneath.

The blades work as expected. Whether you’re chopping, kneading, shredding, whipping or even juicing, you’ll have perfectly processed food in the end. And the juicer is such a joy to have. The FP3020 was able to squeeze out the juice from half an orange in about 30 seconds. With the power of the 600 watt motor, this food processor will get your food prepared quickly. The Germans seem to have missed something here; they didn’t include a storage unit for the blades but, oh well.

Good news people, the food processor is dishwasher safe. Well, not the base with the motor, of course. But everything else will nicely fit in a dishwasher and emerge spic and span. To clean the motor base, just wipe it with a moist rag.

Excited, are we? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons before delivering judgment.

Braun FP3020 Food Processor Pros and Cons


  • I’m tempted to say that this being a German engineered appliance is a pro, but what I will give as my first pro is the fact that it’s compact and lightweight. It will fit into any reasonable space you shove it into.
  • The powerful 600 watt motor works brilliantly. It’s a wonder how they kept the weight down and still packed a good motor in it.
  • Also, the 12 cup bowl is big enough to fit your food. You won’t have to separate your ingredients into different batches. At least unless you want to.
  • And with the 7 different blades, this Braun food processor will do whatever you want it to do.
  • Unlike most food processors, this one is ultra quiet. It doesn’t boast of its power or alert the neighbors when you’re working. It silently goes about its business.
  • Did I mention the safety feature? Well that’s another resounding pro. The FP 3020 won’t activate unless all the parts are locked in place. This prevents those unnecessary accidents.


  • Okay, the one con this machine does have is the lack of a storage unit for the blades. It does become a bit irritating trying to find the right place to store them safely.

Braun FP3020 Food Processor Ratings

Let’s be honest, you have to be really nit picky to find a con in this machine. The fact that it doesn’t have a storage unit for the blades doesn’t in any way impact its performance. And it does perform really well in silence. We love the fact that the powerful motor was tucked into a lightweight body that still muffles its sound. We love the fact that each blade works as intended. We love the fact that every part is easy to assemble. And we love the fact that it’s easy to clean. Clearly we love the Braun FP 3020 and that’s why we give it a deserved 5 stars out of 5.