The Mueller V-Pro Mandolin Slicer Review

Mueller Mandolin Slicer

Mueller Mandolin Slicer

There are many mandolin slicers, that’s true. However, there’s the mandolin slicer from Mueller, the magnificent V-Pro 5 adjustable slicer. Let’s get one thing clear, shall we? When the Germans set out to manufacture a device, a machine, a product, they do it with utmost precision that is borderline witchcraft. Trust me when I say, any product with the Made in Germany mark, is a masterpiece, a work of art, the best of its kind. What’s gotten me so worked up, you ask? Well, if you’ve used the common mandolin slicers, I’m sure to some extent you’re a little underwhelmed. Perhaps you’re a lot underwhelmed. The Germans know this and that’s why they brought us this kitchen life saver. It works like a charm and I’m not exaggerating. It really does. The veggies you’ve been unable to give to your electric slicer, this one cuts to perfection. It’s the ultimate sidekick to your meat slicer. Maybe you’re asking what this mandolin slicer has that others don’t, right? Read on and by the end, we’ll make you a believer. Okay, here’s our review of the Mueller V-Pro.

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There’s no fuss with the V-Pro. Buy it, lay it on your kitchen counter and start using it. That’s all it takes. It comes in a lovely white color that doesn’t scream for attention. Mandolin slicers don’t like attention. They silently sit on the counter, waiting to be assigned their duties. The Mueller has legs. I kid you not. No, it doesn’t walk or anything, these legs fold out or retract. If you need to stand it up at an angle, that’s what these are for. And when you’re done, they submissively fold back into the rear of the slicer. The humble white color is accentuated by the grey of the blades. Did I mention it comes with five different blades? Well, it does. You get a crinkle slicer, two different sized graters, a strip cutter and the plain slice blade. And trust me when I say, they’re sharp so you need to be very careful when handling them. The Germans seem to think of everything. The Mueller V-Pro comes with a handy storage container for the blades so you don’t have to worry about where to place them. Score to the Germans. How much for this slicer, you ask? It is an affordable $29.99 on Amazon.

Mueller V-Pro 5 Mandolin Slicer Style and Design

Best Choice meat slicer

The V-Pro is very lightweight. It weighs a meager 2.3 pounds and measures in at 13.6 inches by 6.3 inches by 5.2 inches. Does it cut it? Well, before I forget, this Mandolin slicer, unlike most others, has a fully adjustable dual knob. Mueller tell us it’s the only knob controlled, fully adjustable mandolin slicer and we believe them. To rotate this, lightly pull it outwards and turn. Release it and the knob will bounce back inwards. This tiny feature ensures your cuts remain even. And certainly, the slices are thin and even all the way. In fact, the thinnest setting is almost paper thin, about a sixteenth of an inch. With such sharp blades, and they are really really sharp, your slicing or grating duties should be over in virtually no time. Combine that with the angle the slicer stand at, working with this device is painless. Talking about painless, to protect your fingers, there’s a food holder you attach the veggies onto. This holder latches onto the food strongly, ensuring as much of it as possible gets to pass through the cut. The result, very little wastage. And, of course, you save your fingers from being severed. It’s not all sunshine, however. The food holder can’t hold veggies that are larger than 2.5 inches. To slice these, you’ll need to enlist the aid of a kitchen knife and chop them up into smaller pieces.

Okay, how about cleaning? Don’t worry, there’s nothing complicated about getting this mandolin slicer to sparkle. All you need to do is detach the blades and hold it under running water. There are no nooks and crannies to hide debris meaning you’ll take, at most, just a couple of minutes to clean it. You then fold it up and store it, no hassle whatsoever.

Mueller V-Pro 5 Mandolin Slicer Pros and Cons


  • This is where you’ll need to sit down because the pros are numerous. Let’s see, it’s got an excellent build which makes it highly durable.
  • Then, Mueller ensured that they don’t compromise durability for portability. At only 2.3 pounds, you can literally move it around in the kitchen with absolute ease. Storage too won’t give you nightmares.
  • The folding feature plus the storage container for the blades makes us think that Mueller know exactly how our kitchens work.
  • The five different blades are razor sharp and slice, grate or cut to perfection. And with the food holder, you’ll keep your fingers safe in the process.
  • Also the Mandolin slicer is very easy to clean.
  • And, finally, the star feature, the adjustment knob enables you to choose the size of your slices and get nice even cuts.


  • So, you must be thinking, this is all too good to be true. Well, there are a few flaws. You see, the design of the Mandolin slicer doesn’t allow it to slice any veggie bigger than 2.5 inches. That’s obviously because the vegetable holder isn’t big enough to hold such big veggies.
  • On the flip side, the much smaller vegetables just don’t remain attached to the holder. You’ll encounter slight frustration trying to slice these.
  • On the box of the Mandolin slicer, it states that you get a juicer as well. That isn’t the case people. There’s no juicer bundled with the Mueller V-Pro. Perhaps that was an oversight.

Mueller V-Pro 5 Mandolin Slicer Ratings

This, I think, is a no brainer. The Mueller Mandolin slicer does what it’s meant to do and does it very well. The blades are super sharp, easing the work you have to do. The adjustment knob is accurate with an added safety feature to prevent it from changing size selections and the slicer is easy to clean. Mueller managed to make the perfect sidekick for your electric slicer at an affordable price. With that, the V-Pro earns itself a sterling 5 out of 5.