Best Choice Products New 10″ Blade Commercial Food Slicer Review

Best Choice meat slicer

Finally, the much anticipated encounter has arrived. I find myself standing face to face with this giant. This strong and confident machine that knows no bounds. It's Best Choice's New 10 inch blade Commercial Deli Food slicer. So, let me make one thing clear, this appliance is not for home use. If you're looking for a simple, light use, electric slicer, then this beast isn't for you, okay? Good. So, I give the Best Choice slicer a first glance.

The massive body looks sturdy. And it has got to be considering its made for the heavy work. Its physique is a strong mass of steel. Placing my hand on the machine, I feel its strength. This machine is rugged. And its big too. With dimensions of 23 inches by 19.3 inches by 18.3 inches, it takes up ample space on the counter. I try to give it a nudge and test its weight. The slicer refuses to budge. I realize that, to move it, I'll need to get my back into it. So, I wasn't surprised to learn that this electric slicer weighs in at a staggering 46.9 pounds.

Okay, I decide to let it be on the counter. A quick look underneath and I notice it's dressed in skid proof rubber on its feet. It's official people, this Best Choice Slicer has no plans to slither off the counter as it works. That's a good thing. All right, the blade, for a commercial slicer, is just the right size. Armed with a 10 inch stainless steel, razor sharp blade, I'm confident no food will stop it. What about the motor, you ask? Its a grand 240 watts of electric power. I take a step back, captivated by the sheer amount of energy currently inactive in this machine. The price reveals its premium quality. You can have this machine in your kitchen at a cost of $293.99

Best Choice Products Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Overview

Best Choice meat slicer

I present our first victim, beef. I load the beef onto the tray and confine it with the meat grip. Its held on tight thanks to the tiny spikes that keep the meat in place. Right, deep breath. I flick the power switch and the Best Choice meat slicer comes alive. The motor growls underneath the steel body as the 10 inch blade begins to spin. The slicer isn't loud, another good quality. I push the beef towards the blade and with ease, the first slice neatly slides out from behind, then another and another. Each slice, looks beautiful and consistently thin. The story is the same with mutton, turkey, potatoes and even cheese. The slicer remains unperturbed, rotating as if asking for more. And it doesn't heat up even after prolonged use. So it passes the slicing test with flying colors.

Best Choice Products Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Style and Design

Best Choice meat slicer

On to the cleaning test. I don't expect it to do well here, it being a commercial slicer. I set about this test with a rather partial attitude. Looking at the blade, it's held by three screws. I'll need a screw driver to undo this. I first loosen the knob holding the sharpening unit and remove the guard. I then loosen the knob holding the center blade guard and remove those as well. I now need a Phillips head screw driver to unscrew the blade and release it. Hold on, I need cut proof safety gloves first.

The blade is extremely sharp. Anyway, the blade comes off without a struggle and the rest of the slicer looks quite straight forward to clean. There are few hard to reach areas and to thoroughly clean the whole of this slicer takes me quite some time. On finishing, I reassemble the giant faster than I took it apart and everything looks in order.Right, the tests are done so now let's look at its pros and cons.

Best Choice Products Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Pros and Cons


  • Does it slice? It most certainly slices and slices well. If you like paper thin, this slicer does that. Each slice comes out even, with no mess whatsoever.
  • This slicer is also strong. It handles heavy work load without breaking a sweat. And don't worry about heating, it remains cool thanks to the heat output holes underneath.
  • Its low noise action is simply a dream.
  • Does it vibrate, you ask? No it does not. It's heavy build is to thank for that. So, yes, its very stable as well.
  • And, we can't forget to mention, it's powerful. This slicer didn't find any challenge when slicing thanks to its 240 watt motor and rugged 10 inch steel blade.


  • Okay, let's get nit picky. The Best Choice slicer is huge. It takes up a little too much space on the counter.
  • Don't expect to move it easily either. If you're not very strong, shifting its position will be an arduous task.
  • And, of course, cleaning it is laborious. Taking all the parts apart and putting them back together takes some time as well

Best Choice Products Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Ratings

This is a commercial slicer to the core so we can excuse it for being big and heavy. If you need it for your restaurant, cafe or deli, then the Best Choice New 10 inch Blade Commercial slicer is an excellent buy. This food slicer will give you real value for your money. And with that it earns a spectacular 5 out of 5.


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