Black & Decker FP2500B PowerPro Wide-Mouth 10-Cup Food Processor Review

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Black & Decker is a brand known for their prowess in creating outstanding home appliances. Their experience spans over decades and they bring that expertise in the creation of the FP2500B PowerPro Food Processor. Did they get it right? First of all, this food processor is a tame home appliance. It is small and is meant for light work.

As we put it to the test, we have to remember that. It is, however, an elegant looking appliance. Don’t get me wrong, the design isn’t unique. Food processor designers seem fearful of deviating from this rounded square base design with operating buttons on the face. I would have loved to see a more bold design. A design that isn’t bothered by what people think. A design that seeks to stand out. So, yes, the PowerPro looks good but is no different from others anyway.

Black & Decker FP2500B PowerPro Food Processor Overview

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It has three buttons facing us; off/ Pulse, High and Low. They look at us. They’re inviting. They want to be pressed. But we have to wait. PowerPro is a small appliance, yes, but it’s tall. The foot print is 9.6 inches by 11 inches and won’t take up much counter space. However, it’s got height. Going up to 16.6 inches, it rises up to get attention. And attention it gets. With the bold black color it’s dressed in, it stands out. Its body material is plastic. Well, it’s a kind of heavy duty plastic that’s hardwearing. And inside, the heart of the food processor, there’s a 500 watt motor. This combination weighs in at only 8 pounds. Again, it’s a home appliance, keep reminding yourself that and you’ll judge it fairly. And nothing screams home appliance more than the affordable price of $38.57.

Black & Decker FP2500B PowerPro Food Processor Style and Design

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Sitting on top of the base is a 10 cup bowl. That’s big! For a light home appliance, that certainly is a deviation from the norm. Good work Black & Decker. With such a size we don’t expect to divide our ingredients into more than one batch. Its weapons of choice are a stainless steel (that’s right, stainless steel) chopping blade and a slicing/ shredding disk. What do you know about stainless steel people? It’s strong and resistant to wearing. Once again, kudos to Black & Decker for including this. Peer underneath the food processor’s body and you’ll notice that it’s wearing suction cups on its feet. What comes to mind is stability. We need that since this is a light appliance. Okay, everything looks good so we put it to the test.

Arm it with the appropriate blade or disk then secure the bowl and lid in place. They say it has a wide mouth. It does. Ingredients of varied sizes fit through the tube without need for precutting. For when you do need to precut, just once often does the trick. The 500 watts working in unison with the blade or slicing disc renders the food processed in no time. This machine shreds cheese, it slices vegetables, it makes pizza dough. It struggles to shake off the light home appliance tag we’ve placed on it. But wait! People who have used it regularly for about a year say that overuse reduces its life tremendously. It’ll work hard but won’t live long so go easy.

Cleaning isn’t difficult, like in most food processors. The bowl and accessories come apart and are all dishwasher safe. However, on the lid there’s a narrow crevice between the chute and the wall of the lid on the under side. This space lodges food debris that has been pelted there. Getting them out might be a bit time consuming. For this, you’ll need a tiny brush.

So you’re acquainted with the Black & Decker PowerPro, now let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

Black & Decker FP2500B PowerPro Food Processor Pros and Cons


  • Its base is small. The footprint doesn’t require much counter space. And it’s also lightweight meaning you won’t strain to carry it in and out of storage.
  • This food processor has heavy duty suction cup feet to give it stability while on the counter, preventing it from moving about when in use.
  • Then, the motor is a powerful 500 watts which, together with the blade and disc, ensure the food processing work is complete quickly and perfectly. Also, being dishwasher safe, the parts are easy to clean.
  • Finally, a resounding pro, it’s highly affordable.


  • The food processor works hard but when overused its life reduces so it should only be used for light work.
  • Also, it’s quite tall and might not fit in most storage spaces that are low.
  • Finally, the crevice underneath the lid next to the chute is hard to reach to remove food particles stuck there

Black & Decker FP2500B PowerPro Food Processor Ratings

Ultimately, this is a home appliance for light use. Comparing it to the more expensive, heavy duty food processors would be unfair. In its class, it comes out top. It works hard trying to impress and doesn’t falter. Overusing it lowers its life so just limit it to simple work within its ability and it should give you service for years. What Black & Decker tell us is that there’s no need to spend loads if you’re a light user. Go for the PowerPro. That said, it earns a 4 out of 5.