Elite Platinum HA-3433A Maxi-Matic 550 Watt Aluminum-Die-Cast Meat Grinder Review

elite meat grinder

The name Elite Platinum is synonymous with state of the art, elegant kitchen appliances. And their products are also loved for their affordability. They have mastered the art of creating products that know what one wants in the kitchen. Therefore having their Meat Grinder, the Elite Platinum HA-34330 Maxi Matic, I was excited to see what they have built this time round. What does one expect from a meat grinder? It’s obvious, isn’t it? We want it to grind our meat and perhaps we want it to stuff our homemade sausages. We want it to do all this with a smile. I add the last one because most meat grinders at the price point of the Maxi Matic begin to complain after a couple minutes of use. So, yes, the Maxi Matic is an entry level grinder for the home. However, does it offer service with a smile? Let’s find out.

Elite Platinum HA-3433A Maxi-Matic 550 Watt Aluminum-Die-Cast Meat Grinder Overview

elite meat grinder

A first look shows an elegant looking appliance. It has a color scheme of black and silver. The black neatly flows over the front face and extends to the bottom and over to the back. This is a plastic material. The silver sides are metallic and they spot beautiful curved lines that give it an appealing aesthetic. Underneath, it dons black non-slip feet to offer stability. The Maxi Matic bears dimensions of 8.2 inches by 10.2 inches by 17 inches. Is it compact? It certainly is. Is it light? Weighing in at 10.2 pounds, it doesn’t take much effort to haul it from one point to another. We give it points for portability. Within this body is a powerful 550 Watt motor that raises our hopes for this grinder. The head of the machine is made of aluminum die cast that gives it a heavy duty appeal. And the gears are also metallic, completing its confident build. So what do you pay for all this? Wait for it. You pay just $56 on Amazon.

Elite Platinum HA-3433A Maxi-Matic 550 Watt Aluminum-Die-Cast Meat Grinder Style and Design

elite meat grinder

So it’s an affordable little appliance. But still, is cheap expensive? First of all, we know it has a 550 watt motor hiding inside the housing. The side has a tiny switch that gives the options of on, off and reverse functionality. Flick it on and you hear the whir of the powerful motor. Immediately, you notice that it’s loud. In fact, it’s much louder than most meat grinders. The Maxi Matic doesn’t even make an effort to hide its clamorous nature. It grinds vigorously in anticipation of its first victims. I oblige. Feeding in chunks of meat I notice it enthusiastically minces them and releases the end product. The speed is a little slower but nothing too out of the ordinary. I have to keep reminding myself it’s an entry level grinder. After a few grinds, I notice it gets a jam. In fact, when using it, this will be a common occurrence. Luckily, the reverse function works splendidly. The jamming pieces back up and out. And if this doesn’t work, the head opens up easily, allowing you to pull out whatever pieces remain inside.

So, despite the constant jams, you’ll manage to get through a generous amount of meat. It does what a meat grinder is meant to do. Then it does some more. With the sausage stuffing attachment, all you sausage lovers will enjoy making your homemade sausages.

Cleaning time; and the Elite Platinum Maxi Matic disassembles quite easily. The head comes off, the tube detaches the meat tray lets go. Every part neatly comes apart for you to wash. And if you want to throw them in the dish washer, don’t. The Maxi Matic isn’t dishwasher safe so just hand wash. Still, the whole process takes just a couple of minutes so don’t worry.

Is it worth it? Let’s take a look at the grinder’s pros and cons before giving our verdict.

Elite Platinum HA-3433A Maxi-Matic 550 Watt Aluminum-Die-Cast Meat Grinder Pros and Cons


  • The Elite Platinum Maxi Matic is a portable home grinder. It sits on the kitchen counter without taking up too much space.
  • And with the plastic non-slip feet, the Maxi Matic is bound to stay put. Powering it is a 550 watt motor that ensures your grinding work is complete in no time. It certainly grinds with zeal.
  • Made of die cast aluminum, the head is bound to last for long and is impervious to rust.
  • Also, cleaning it is a breeze. The parts detach without a struggle and the cleaning process isn’t complicated in any way. It should only take you a few minutes.
  • Finally, the Maxi Matic grinder is affordable. Not many grinders at its price point can do what it does.


  • The powerful motor makes too much noise. It certainly discourages one from thinking of using it.
  • Then, being a light duty grinder, over using it may result in malfunctions sooner rather than later.
  • Also, the chute can’t handle big chunks of meat. You’ll need to chop them up into smaller pieces.
  • And as you work, you’ll encounter constant jams and will find yourself opening up the head to clear it every so often. Prepare for that.

Elite Platinum HA-3433A Maxi-Matic 550 Watt Aluminum-Die-Cast Meat Grinder Ratings

Overall, you buy a meat grinder to grind and the Elite Platinum does this with gusto. It also does it quite loudly but if you’re using it a few times then I’m sure you can endure. It certainly is a meat grinder for those first time buyers. If that is the case, you’ll be impressed. If you need a heavy duty one, perhaps you’d want to spend a bit more. All in all the Maxi Matic garners a neat 4.6 out of 5


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