Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food Processor Review

hamilton beach food processor

100 Years! That’s how long Hamilton Beach have been in business. And when one has that much experience they must have learnt how to do things right. Hamilton beach have. They’ve perfected the craft of designing products used in commercial kitchens. If it isn’t sleek, elegant and reliable then perhaps it isn’t a Hamilton Beach appliance. So now, we’re excited about this one; The Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food Processor.

First impression; It’s sophisticated. And Hamilton Beach don’t do simplicity. The design is appealing. It’s unique and a little futuristic. The touch buttons make it an exhilarating appliance to use. The color gives it a stylish mien. The 14 cup bowl gives it a functional nature.

This appliance is a professional grade one. It’s for everyday use. You just can’t buy it and use it once or twice a month. That would be a waste of the 100 years of Hamilton Beach experience, okay? Good. Now that we’ve got that clear let’s delve deeper into the nature of the Hamilton Beach Professional Food Processor.

Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food Processor Overview

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The appliance is a combination of gray and black accentuated by green on the bowl’s lids. It measures in at 10.9 inches by 17.3 inches by 20.6 inches with the bowl’s capacity being 14 cup. Is it a big appliance? Yes. Is that a bad thing? Not really. For a food processor, bigger means it can handle more food. Bigger means more work is done faster. Bigger is better. But wait, what does it weigh? This appliance weighs a staggering 15.5 pounds. I agree, it’s heavy. Actually, it’s much heavier than its sibling food processors made by Hamilton Beach. But isn’t that still a good thing? The smaller food processors can’t and don’t handle as much work as this professional grade one. They don’t need as much power and stability as this one does. Talking about power, the motor that’s enclosed within the heavy duty gray plastic body has 1500 watts of output. All this power needs stability and the weight endows this machine with that. It comes accompanied with 5 attachments and a storage case. The whole lot retails at $199.99 on Amazon.

Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food Processor Style and Design

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The front face is lined with beautiful, conveniently placed touch buttons. Here, there’s none of that tedious knob twisting and turning stuff. You just stepped into the future of home appliances. There are four buttons for the different functions the food processor has. At a mere press and with the right attachment, you can dice, slice, shred, knead, chop, mix and puree. But here’s a handy feature; the bowl does not twist in place. All you need to do is stack it directly on the base and it secures nicely onto it. The lid also snaps onto the bowl and is secured with a heavy duty die cast locking arm. Pass food into the bowl through the feeding tube and you notice that it has the capacity to allow even whole fruits to pass. The tomatoes slide right through it and the carrots are a perfect fit. What gives it this capability? It’s the 3 in 1 feed tube of course. With larger food, just pull out the two smaller tubes and you’re good to go. With slender foods like cucumbers or carrots just insert the smaller tubes and they hold the food wonderfully.

The food processor works like a charm. Choose the function you’d like it to perform, be it dicing, shredding, kneading or even chopping, the work is completed before you even know it. Keeping up with it might overwhelm you at first especially if you’re used to the smaller, less powerful processors. However, it’s still a loyal servant. This Hamilton Beach food processor is very easy to use. And it’s also very easy to clean. As the parts attach to the base, they just as easily detach. Just pull back the locking arm and lift the bowl up and out ready for you to give the parts a clean.

Okay, let’s now take a look at the pros and cons of this appliance.

Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food Processor Pros and Cons


  • The Hamilton Beach food processor is big and powerful enough to process a large amount of food at a go. Because of its power, it does this work quickly and without heating.
  • The buttons are a beautiful touchpad that are easy to read and use. They also have LED indicator lights that illuminate them.
  • Also, the appliance has a heavy duty construction that gives it a hard wearing nature, perfect for an appliance that is bound to be used for heavy work.
  • Fitting the bowl onto the base is easy. It stacks directly without need for twisting it. The heavy duty die cast locking arm secures the lid in place. And the 3 in 1 feeding tube allows you to insert food of varied sizes. The bigger tube accommodated larger foods while for slender food, use the smaller tubes.
  • Finally, the processor is very easy to clean. The parts detach effortlessly to enable you clean each one with no problems


  • The machine is heavy. 15.5 pounds is not to be overlooked. Moving it around won’t be a light exercise.
  • Then, when using the dicing feature, the food often gets stuck in the cutting blade and causes a jam. This will prompt you to have to regularly take it apart to clear the stuck food.

Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food Processor Ratings

Yes, it’s large. Yes, it’s heavy. I think we all agree that the size is a good thing as it can take in more food than the average food processor. And I think we all agree that the weight shouldn’t be an issue if you use the machine regularly. And I suppose you buy it because you need one for heavy use, right? If not then you’re better off with the smaller, less costly food processor. If you run a café or restaurant, you’ll be getting great value for your money from this appliance. This is a professional food processor and works like a professional. It’s fast and durable. And on that note, we give it 5 stars out of 5.