Hamilton Beach Weston 9 inch Food Slicer Review

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It sat there in submission. Right on the kitchen counter, I felt as if it was nervous. As if it knew I was about to put it to the test. I was anxious. Most meat slicers give a sense of intimidation. They have a commanding figure. They grab attention in the kitchen. With the Hamilton Beach Weston 9 inch food slicer, I sensed something different, something meek about it. Don’t get me wrong, Hamilton Beach have presented a slicer that does command attention. Perhaps it’s the nicely curved edges that give it a supple look. Probably it’s the compact size of it. Or maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong angle. I shift it to view the 9 inch blade. That’s more like it. Immediately, I notice that look that most slicers bear, the look of viciousness. And so, I went ahead to review the Weston 9 inch food slicer.

Hamilton Beach clothed this machine in anodized aluminum. That means it’s lightweight for an electric slicer. Weighing in at only 14.8 pounds, it’s lighter than a whole turkey. That’s not a bad thing. Moving it is super easy and painless. Considering this is an entry level slicer, the weight need not be much. And the size too is satisfactory. With dimensions of 12.1 inches by 19.4 inches by 14.4 inches, I’m sure finding a place to sit it down won’t be a problem. So portability, check. How much does it cost, you ask? You can get it at $104.62 on Amazon.

Hamilton Beach Weston 9 inch Food Slicer Overview

Best Choice meat slicer

I mentioned it has a 9 inch blade, right? Well it does and it’s a stainless steel one. Among its peers, the Weston meat slicer’s blade stands out. It’s bigger than the average size. This might or might not be a good thing so I reserve judgment for a little later. Tucked underneath is a 150 watt motor. Again, for an entry level slicer, that’s quite enough. On the feet, it’s wearing suction cups that plant it firmly on the working surface. The Weston being very lightweight, having these suction feet is another plus.

Hamilton Beach Weston 9 inch Food Slicer Style and Design

Best Choice meat slicer

Powering the motor, the blade jumps to life. The first thing you notice is the rotation speed is rather slow. Red flag! The 9 inch blade is perhaps too big to be powered by just 150 watts. But does, it slice? I feed in salami and the slices come out beautifully. Using the thickness control, I’m able to select how thin or thick I want the slices. And it does lovely deli thin slices at the thinnest setting. Here’s a point to note, it doesn’t like to be coerced to work faster than it can. So, don’t force the food, just let it glide through the blade naturally and you’ll get wonderful cuts. The slices slide out the back and fall onto, wait, where do they fall? There isn’t a tray to receive the sliced food. They simply fall onto the counter. Oh well, that’s just a minor issue.

After a day’s work, slicers too need to freshen up. And so, I embark on the cleaning process. Trying to dismantle it, only the blade and food tray detach. All other parts remain intact making it difficult to reach the narrow spaces. Cleaning it isn’t as easy as I had hoped. The blade is super sharp so, at this point, having cut proof gloves would come in handy.

All right folks; let’s briefly look at the Weston’s pros and cons.

Hamilton Beach Weston 9 inch Food Slicer Pros and Cons


  • Hamilton beach made a slicer that’s lightweight and compact. And for an entry level home slicer, this is an excellent feature to have.
  • Storage and portability is therefore quite easy.
  • The anodized aluminum body also gives it a level of durability. The slicer is capable of making lovely, thin slices of firm foods.
  • Being lightweight, you’d expect it to rattle and attempt to slither off the work surface. However, with the suction cup feet, the slicer remains firmly planted on the kitchen counter as it works.


  • Well, okay, the 9 inch blade might have been a good thing, however, the motor doesn’t seem powerful enough for it. They just don’t seem to make a good team. It works slowly so if you have loads to slice or are in a hurry, you might get a little impatient with it.
  • Also, the gears are made of plastic. So, sooner rather than later, you’ll need to replace them because they are bound to wear out quickly.
  • Cleaning it isn’t a simple process folks. With only the blade and food tray detaching, reaching those cervices will take quite some time.

Hamilton Beach Weston 9 inch Food Slicer Ratings

So, it isn’t as powerful as we had hoped but remember, this is an entry level electric slicer. It wasn’t built for the arduous life. If you’re using it to slice just a few times a week, then you’ll be happy. However, if you want one that you can push to the limit, then spend a bit more. But wait, this one costs over $100. Looking at what it does and how it does it, you can get cheaper entry level slicers that work just as well or even better. So, yes, it’s a slicer that slices okay, slowly, but okay. However, it loses points for performing like its cheaper competitors. On that note it earns a satisfactory 4 out of 5.


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