LEM Products 1158 LEM Mighty Bite Grinder Review

lem mighty meat grinder

Living up to the reputation of an overachieving big brother is a lot of pressure. Everyone looks at you expecting that all he could do, you can too. Standing in his shoes, it feels like you’re constantly being weighed and measured up against him. If meat grinders could talk, the LEM Might Bite #8 Grinder would attest to this fact. This grinder is the little brother to the bigger, overachieving Mighty Bite Grinders. So you can imagine the pressure that’s on it to perform to the standard of its elder siblings. But let’s be fair, the bigger LEM Mighty Bite Grinders are heavy duty commercial meat grinders. The 1158 isn’t. However, there is a family resemblance. Save for the difference in size, LEM went for a design and look that is tried and true for them. So, with the spot light shining brightly on the Mighty Bite 1158, how does it perform? Let’s take a look

LEM Products 1158 LEM Mighty Bite Grinder Overview

The 1158 Mighty Bite is metallic. Thank God! That’s a first good sign. The housing is made of aluminum. The gears, as well, are metallic. The accessories are stainless steel. The only plastic is on the handle. And we need that to be plastic for comfort. In terms of durability, metal lasts so we expect this LEM grinder to grind out for a long time. The handle is conveniently placed right at the top of the housing, underneath the meat pan. With the grinder weighing 16.5 pounds, I’m sure it’s not going to be difficult to move it around. In any case, this one’s elder brothers weigh just about twice as it does. If you’re coming from a light duty meat grinder, however. you’ll find this to be a bit hefty. So how much is this LEM Mighty Bite grinder? It costs a pocket friendly $179.00

LEM Products 1158 LEM Mighty Bite Grinder Style and Design

To the side you’ll find the operating knob. At your command, the grinder will power on, switch off, reverse or work at a slow speed, all controlled via this one knob. Turn it on and immediately you feel the motor start to whirr enthusiastically. The aluminum housing belies the powerful 500 watts underneath. This power reveals itself when you feed the grinder its first chunks of meat. It munches it up hungrily and produces a minced product. The work is effortless. The product is splendid. It seems capable of handling more than a few chunks. And it does. The LEM Mighty Bite 1158 will grind wild game or the usual beef, pork, mutton, chicken, you name it. It certainly is a work horse. Nothing can stop it. Except, perhaps, a bit of chicken or turkey bone. These cause a jam but not to worry. The in built circuit breaker cuts off power to the motor in this event and with the reverse setting, easily get the clogging pieces to back up and out of the grinder. Accessorizing the 1158 grinder are three stainless steel plates, for either coarse or fine grinding, and three stuffing tubes. That’s right, you can also prepare your home made sausages with the help of the LEM Mighty Bite.

Is it easy to clean? It is people. The grinder disassembles without struggle and each part is easy to clean by hand. With a cleaning brush, you’ll be able to do it much faster with far less of a hassle.

That said, let’s now take a look at the pros and cons.

LEM Products 1158 LEM Mighty Bite Grinder Pros and Cons


  • LEM gave the smaller Mighty Bite a strong and durable build. Made of aluminum, it is able to withstand the regular grinding assignments without flinching.
  • The gears are all metallic to improve on durability. All these give it the capacity to handle the power emitted by the motor. And that’s another pro. The motor is a powerful 500 watts.
  • And oh, it’s permanently lubricated so you don’t have to worry about that. This combination sees to it that not only is your meat ground to perfection but is also done quickly.
  • Is it noisy? Not at all. The LEM Mighty Bite #8 works in silence. Not total silence, of course, but there’ll be no need for ear plugs. The aluminum housing nicely muffles the motor inside.
  • Then, it’s easy to clean. We love that in just a couple of minutes the meat grinder will be back to its ideal spic and span nature.


  • This is a home grinder, right? Being a home grinder you’ll need to store it after use, right? If so, the weight and size might be an issue. Storage for this machine is a bit bulky.

LEM Products 1158 LEM Mighty Bite Grinder Ratings

Notice how I struggle to come up with a con. The weight and size just aren’t anything to worry about. Performance wise, the LEM 1158 Mighty Bite is stellar. It grinds without hesitation and to perfection. And it just keeps going. Considering this is a home meat grinder, what it does is amazing. The build and weight make it stable while working and the accessories are a joy to have. It might not work as much as its elder brothers but you can’t blame it for trying. On that note, it earns 4.8 stars out of 5.


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