Maverick ET-732 Remote BBQ Smoker Thermometer Review

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The barbecue thermometers have been around for a while now. They came into the scene and stole the hearts of barbecue lovers. Their abilities to determine how high the temperature of meat is, removed the need for guess work. And sending alerts to us untethered us from having to be by the fireside throughout.

Not one to be left out, the Maverick Wireless Barbecue Thermometer joined the fray and is threatening to steal the limelight. What makes it so different?

Maverick ET-732 Remote BBQ Smoker Thermometer Overview

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It comes in a set of two; a remote transmitter and receiver. And then they added two bear paws. Not actual bear paws, plastic ones. For gripping your meat while slicing or shredding it. And they’re very handy to have. The transmitter has a smaller display than the receiver. It connects to two probes; one measures the food temperature and the other takes the temperature for the barbecue grill. The receiver has a larger display that shows two temperature readings. The top reading is for the food while the reading on the lower part of the screen is the temperature of the barbecue. Temperature can be set to either degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit. All this retails at $59.99 on Amazon

Maverick ET-732 Remote BBQ Smoker Thermometer Style and Design

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So you carry the receiver around as you wander away from the barbecue grill. The transmitter sends the signals to you keeping you abreast on how the food is doing. The wireless range, people, is 300 feet away. That’s right! You can go as far as 300 feet and still receive signals from the transmitter that’s next to your food. And it has alerts. You can program the units to alert you when the temperatures rise above or drop below your programmed range.

But it doesn’t stop there. Maverick also fitted this thermometer with a count up and count down timer. When the preset time elapses, you get an alert allowing you to attend to the meat when you need to.

The controls on the face of the receiver unit are well labeled and quite easy to use. The down side, however, is that there aren’t up and down arrows to select the minimum and maximum temperatures. If you pass the temperature you wanted, you have no option but to scroll through to the highest temperature before it cycles back and you can start all over again.

Let’s talk a little bit more about the bear paws. I love them! They grasp a roast so firmly, you’d think that an actual bear was attached to them. Lift the hot meat and place it on your cutting board. Then still use the paws to grasp as you curve the roast. If you’re shredding for sandwiches, the paws will do an excellent job. Just pass your fingers through the space above the spikes and shred away. And the good news is, you get this pair with your purchase of the Maverick Thermometer.

Important to note, however, that the probes tend to be a bit delicate. First, you shouldn’t submerge them in water. That will ruin them completely. Also, some tend to give erratic readings after as little as using once. That is a reason for concern. Mercifully, the people at Maverick are always happy to replace probes that are faulty, at no charge.

So here we have a thermometer set that’s reliable and convenient. What are the pros and cons?

Maverick ET-732 Remote BBQ Smoker Thermometer Pros and Cons


  • The partnership of transmitter and receiver liberates you from having to remain constantly by the side of the barbecue. With a transmission range of 300 feet, you can attend to other matters and let the transmitter monitor the temperature for you.
  • And with the alerts, you’ll be quickly nudged back to the side of the grill if the temperature gets too high or goes too low.
  • And, yes, the grill temperature probe ensures your food is cooked as perfectly as possible.
  • Also, the countdown and count up timers completely eliminate the guess work from barbecuing.


  • First, the probes on some units tend to be delicate. After as little as one application they begin sending erratic readings.
  • Also, without the up and down selection controls, you’ll have to cycle through the temperature options in case you miss your selection.

Maverick ET-732 Remote BBQ Smoker Thermometer Ratings

We definitely love the Maverick Barbecue Thermometer. It’s probably the transmitter and receiver collaboration that frees you to move about. It could be the alert system that lets you know when the temperature is too high or too low. Perhaps it’s the addition of the bear paws. Or it could be a combination of all these wonderful features. What we do know is that this thermometer is perfect for your barbecuing needs. So with that we give it 4.2 stars out of 5.