Maverick iChef ET-736 Wireless Thermometer Review

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The iChef Wireless WiFi Thermometer looks professional. And it makes you look professional too. For some reason, you end up trusting that it’s got your back in the kitchen. For some reason you believe it knows what it’s doing. It could be the design, I’m not quite sure. But when I see it, I feel a sense of confidence. Perhaps it’s the display but still, I don’t really know. Anyway, this wireless thermometer from Maverick gets one thing right; it evokes trust. Is that a good thing? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. If the thermometer works as Maverick says it does then, yes, it’s a good thing. If it disappoints then, let’s just leave it at that. So, let’s put this wireless thermometer to the test, shall we?

Maverick iChef ET-736 Wireless Thermometer Overview

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The design is unique. The iChef Wireless Thermometer holds its head up high. And I’m not just saying that metaphorically. It’s been designed such that the display rises and tilts towards you. It stands without support. That gives it a confident mien. Encased in a black body, it proudly wears the iChef tag on its chest. And it’s light. It’s as light as a food thermometer should be. It weighs in at just 1.1 pound. Just! It goes where you want it to go. It sits where you want it to sit. The LCD display peers right at you. It’s backlit with an orange hue and looks as clear as day.

To bring one home, you spend $79.99.

Maverick iChef ET-736 Wireless Thermometer Style and Design

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All right, it has the looks. But now, it’s time for serious business. It’s a wireless device. It takes advantage of your home WiFi network and sends signals direct to your phone. I get ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning. Two probes connect to the iChef. They plug in at the base of the device. They then run direct into the food. Their two cables are 34 inches long. With such a length, the device itself doesn’t need to be near the heat. Another thing, the probes can withstand temperatures of up to 716o F. The iChef thermometer will then monitor temperatures up to 572o F. Via the iChef app that you download on your phone, the thermometer sends signals straight to your phone. And it uses the WiFi network. That means you have the freedom to wander as much as you like within your home and iChef will find you. And, oh, the app is free in both Google Playstore and the iOS app store.

Powering the thermometer is a built in lithium battery that’s rechargeable. This battery retains juice for 8 hours of continuous use. It then takes approximately 8 hours to recharge to full capacity. The LED indicator shows the battery level and, when charging, lets you know by indicating in red. When full, the indicator turns green.

Some gripe, now. There is no iOS app. Yes, they say there is one but users of iOS have scoured the ends of the iOS app store and haven’t seen an iota of an iChef APP. What gives? That means only Android users can enjoy this marvelous device as at now. So we’re down on our knees praying iChef releases a iOS app soon.

The user interface is quite easy to use but the headache starts when trying to setup to the WiFi network. This is a rather tedious process that, apparently, needs one to be well versed in the art of technology. Not cool!

Okay, let’s now summarize the pros and cons of this wireless thermometer.

Maverick iChef ET-736 Wireless Thermometer Pros and Cons


  • First, it’s small and highly portable. Weighing in at only 1.1 pounds, the iChef is as small as a wireless thermometer needs to be.
  • And with a design that allows it to comfortably sit next to the grill or oven, the probes will effortlessly reach the food. These probes have long 34 inch cables that run from food to device. The thermometer won’t need to be near the heat source. Still, the probes are resistant to heat up to 716o F.
  • Next, the LCD display is bright and very clear. It’s visible from a distance.
  • However, you won’t need to try and look at the display as the thermometer will send signals direct to your phone via your home WiFi network. WiFi gives you the freedom to move about as your food slow cooks.
  • And of course, the device is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that retains power for up to 8 hours of continuous use.


  • It’s difficult to setup the device to the WiFi network. It takes a bit of technological skill to get it done.
  • Then, there isn’t an iOS app as Maverick say. Only Android users can enjoy the use of this thermometer.
  • And two probes is a little few as there are cheaper wireless thermometers that can be expanded to up to four probes.

Maverick iChef ET-736 Wireless Thermometer Ratings

It’s got a unique design that catches the eye. It connects to the food and reads the temperature. It’s lightweight and highly portable. And it connects to your home WiFi network. All these are features that make wireless thermometers stand out. However, not having an iOS app closes out a huge chunk of users. We’re hoping it’s released soon considering they advertise that there’s one. Maverick also need to include clear instructions on how to connect to the WiFi network so that tech rookies can get it done themselves. On that note the little iChef earns 4.0 stars out of 5.