Top 7 Accessories For The Electric Meat Slicer

The electric meat slicer, an avid chef’s companion, can only be as good as the final product of the food it slices. What eventually winds up on the dinner table and ultimately your stomach is what makes or breaks a good slice. So, just like every super hero needs a good side kick, the meat slicer requires its own sidekicks to ensure the quality work done is sustained to the plate. So here are the top 7 accessories for the electric meat slicer.

#7 – Meat Storage Containers

The blade of the slicer rotates, making beautiful even slices of the delectable, fresh meat. You’re happy with the product. You can’t wait until later that week when you’ll prepare your world famous recipe. But how do you keep the meat from losing its flavor, lovely colour and freshness before then? Get the perfect meat storage containers. What a waste it would be if those perfect cuts would begin to shrivel. The perfect meat storage container has got to be air tight to preserve both the colour and flavor of the meat.

This accessory will receive the slices from the meat slicer, locking the meat in nice and tight away from air and pesky bacteria. The next time you take the meat out of the container, it should be in the same condition that it was when you first sliced it. So, if you hardly ever have time to prepare your food from scratch, get good meat storage containers to store your pre-sliced meats or veggies.

Most containers come in a set with various sizes.  They can keep your meat or veggies fresh and crisp.  In addition, most are equipped with snap-on lids so you don’t have to worry about not creating the right vacuum to preserve freshness.  Also, keep an eye out to make sure the containers are BPA-free and are safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave, or freezer.

And here’s three of the top brands that you can choose from:

  1. The Rubber Maid Produce Saver– A set of 12 containers retailing of various sizes, suitable for small to large pieces of meat
    • Lids snap to base and to each other to help keep your cabinets organized
  2. Sistema Klip It Collection Deli Cup Storer food storage containers
    • Features Sistema KLIP IT easy locking clips; flexible inner seal allows food to stay fresh longer
  3. The Thin Bins Collapsible Container set of four silicone food storage containers
    • Set of 4 assorted stackable containers. Includes one of each size. Small 10.5oz, Medium 18oz, Large 26oz, and Extra Large 43oz

#6 – Meat Freezers

Sure, the meat storage containers are awesome, but of course the meat has to go into a freezer if you’ll be cooking it much later, right? So enter the second accessory to the meat slicer, the frosty, meat freezer. Keep the sliced meat at sub zero temperatures to assure you of preserved meat quality at the time of cooking. Of course, we’re not just talking about preservation of the meat after slicing, it can also be before.

In particular, keep a look out for chest freezers that are around 3.5 cubic feet, which is a great size for families buying food in bulk.  Many of these freezers also come with storage baskets for your meat containers.

You buy meat in bulk at the deli and would rather slice later. So you slip it in the freezer in wait for that moment when you’ll need it sliced. In any case, slicers work best with slightly frozen food that has partially thawed. The freezer isn’t biased. Freeze not just meats, but also vegetables and fruits before or after slicing. Luckily, the market has a variety of pocket friendly freezers to choose from.

Here’s three of our favourite:

  1. The Midea Single Door chest freezer 3.5 cubic feet
    • Mechanical control with adjustable thermostat
  2. Magic Chef 3.0. cubic feet upright freezer
    • Manual Defrost and adjustable temperature thermostat control
  3. Danby Chest Freezer, 3.8 cubic feet
    • Energy efficient foam insulated cabinet and lid

#5 – The Portable Grill

An amazing contraption, the portable grill. If you love the outdoors, you love camping or backpacking or are out for a picnic, the taste of fresh barbecued meat is unmatched. The portable grill is normally the destination of the sliced meat. The meat, nicely packed in an airtight storage container, ready to be laid over a flaming hot grill. A handy accessory to the meat slicer, the portable grill has to be just that, portable.

You want to use it outdoors, far from home perhaps. So, it has got to be easy to haul about. Find a portable grill that comes bundled with its own carry bag, it’s always a practical thing to have. There are grills that are charcoal, electric or charcoal-electric depending on your intended use.

You can choose from;

  1. The Fameley Portable charcoal grill
    • Funnel-shaped grill, with excellent wind-resistance, can provide high-efficiency heat collection
  2. The Gourmia GBQ 330 portable charcoal electric barbecue grill
    • This grill features a smart double grill pan system that eliminates drip, and results in a 90% smoke reduction
  3. The Weber 1211001 Jumbo Joe 18 inch portable grill
    • Rust-resistant aluminum dampers and ash catcher

#4 – The Barbecue Tool Set

We all love a good barbecue and you can’t barbecue without a proper barbecue tool set. A set includes barbecue forks, tongs, a slotted spatula, a basting brush, a grill brush, corn holders, skewers and a food thermometer. It would be such a shame to mess up a wonderfully sliced steak just because you didn’t have the proper barbecue tools.

The right tools will give you the confidence to do the job right that’s why the barbecue tool set makes for a good accessory to the meat slicer. Keep your hands from becoming part of the barbecue by ensuring the tools have long handles. For instance, turning the meat on the grill need not be a painful, scorching experience if you have proper tongs or spatula.

Not sure which tool set is right? Not to worry, we’ve got your back. You can choose from:

  1. The Home Complete Barbecue Tool Set with 16 barbecue accessories
    • Won’t rust! Won’t crack like wood handles do. Easy to clean
  2. The Cuisinart CGS5020 20-piece stainless steel barbecue tool set
    • Set includes chef’s spatula, grill tongs, silicone basting brush, 8 corn holders, 5 skewers, cleaning brush, replacement brush head, aluminum storage case, and digital temperature fork
  3. The Mr. Bar-B-Q 18 piece stainless steel barbecue set with storage case and get the option of either the wood handles
    • Includes 4-in-1 spatula, fork, knife, 4 steak-house quality knives

#3 – The Meat Tenderizer

The best meat is the tender kind, right? Straight from the slicer, use the tenderizer to pulverize the slices until they are delightfully tender, ready for cooking. So, the meat tenderizer is a mallet like accessory that you use to pound tough meat to make it tender.

A good tenderizer must have a comfortable, soft handle and a heavier head. Whack the cuts of meat to break down the fibers, making it tender and easy on the jaw.

This is an excellent accessory to the slicer, especially when you have thick slices that you’ll want to be well done. There are a variety of tenderizers in the market. The best are:

  1. The Kitchen Aid meat tenderizer
    • Constructed of aluminum with a soft-grip handle, the tenderizer is recommended hand wash only
  2. Meat Tenderizer by Checkered Chef
    • Ergonomically designed to let the weight of the mallet do the work so your arm doesn’t have to
  3. The OXO Soft Works meat tenderizer
    • Contoured, soft handle fits comfortably in your hand

#2 – Portion Control Scales

A perfect recipe can fall flat if you don’t use the precise amount of ingredients. As an accessory to the meat slicer, the portion control scales will ensure that your meat dishes are top notch.

So, how is it an accessory to the meat slicer? Well, since the slicer has worked hard to produce the perfect cuts, don’t spoil the meal by over doing or under doing ingredients.

Precision is what determines whether a meal will be good or great and with a portion control scale, you’ll most certainly get the exact portions of ingredients. Go ahead, accessorize your meat slicer with one of the following:

  1. Best Kitchen digital Food Scale
    • The sleek flat design of our Digital Food Scale allows for convenient storage and maximum portability
  2. Rubber Maid Compact Mechanical Portion Control Scale
    • Heavy duty ABS chassis designed to withstand the rigors of a commercial kitchen
  3. The Eat Smart Precision Pro digital Kitchen scale
    • Easy to use multifunction home scale – Perfect for cooks, dieters and families

# 1 – Cut Resistant Safety Gloves

These should actually come first in your list of accessories for the electric meat slicer. You simply cannot handle the slicer’s blade without a pair of cut resistant safety gloves. A slicer’s blade is the meats’ worst nightmare. It’s super sharp able to slice through flesh effortlessly.

The blade will do the same to your fingers. So, to avoid a bloody scene during slicer cleaning, the cut resistant gloves need to be on your hands. These gloves are truly a wonder. They are made of materials like polyethylene, silica based fibers, glass fiber and spandex and are impervious to the razor sharp edge of blades. So, which gloves can you choose from? We have three of the best, just for you.

  1. The Tru Chef cut resistant gloves
    • Color Coding Eliminates Cross Contamination: Bright colors let you know immediately which glove is for meats, veggies, and other uses. No more dangerous bacteria in your salads!
  2. The No Cry cut resistant gloves
    • Durability with the highest level of cut resistant material available on the market – 4 times stronger than leather
  3. Kpaco level 5 cut resistant gloves
    • CE Certified Anti Cut Resistant Level 5 (Highest) Gloves

So there you have it, our top 7 accessories for the electric meat slicer, tools and appliances that, together with the slicer, make your cooking experience an enjoyable one.