Top Reasons an Electric Meat Slicer Could Change Your Life

You're still toying with the idea of getting a meat slicer.

You probably are trying to figure out whether it's a worthy investment. Well, the truth is, the meat slicer is one of the most convenient appliances you can get for your kitchen. These handy machines have been making an excellent case for themselves for years, constantly hitting the ball out of the park with their performance.

The meat slicers are threatening the very existence of kitchen knives. And why not? Sure, the knife still has its place, but once you set up your first slicer, the kitchen knife's influence diminishes tremendously. The meat slicer's majestic blade that jumps to life at the touch of a button is the star of the show. However, the motor, tucked away underneath the slicer's metal body, is the soul of an electric slicer. So, how does investing in the meat slicer change your life? Read on.

1. Save Money

Let me cut right to the chase, the slicer will save you money. You know how the quality sliced meats at the deli cost a fraction more than the un-sliced chunks. Now, do the math, you spend all that extra cash on the sliced meats yet you could simply buy the un-sliced ones and let your trusted meat slicer do the slicing for you at home. Multiply how much you saved by all the times you go to the deli and, need I say more. That's money spared from leaving your pocket. So, yes, the meat slicer is an appliance that pays for itself.

2. Eat Healthy

Now that you're slicing your food at home, you don't need to buy the sliced processed meats anymore. These processed meats are packed with chemical preservatives to give them a longer shelf life. Too much of these chemicals in our bodies and our health takes a pummeling. So, here we are, you have your very own meat slicer. Liberated from the deli sliced meat, you buy meat whose quality and content you're sure of and take it home for slicing. As a result, your meals are healthier and you extend your life.

3. Try New Recipes

Since we're liberated from deli food, how about trying out new recipes? That's right, you now have the freedom to be creative about what you eat. Slice your meats to whatever thickness you please and give that new recipe a whirl. The meat slicer accords us the liberty to try out recipes we couldn't try before. And because slicers make delectable, consistent slices, your meals will look professionally done. Taking us back to a healthy diet, this freedom will also allow you to try out healthier recipes.

4. Save Time

You use the kitchen knife to chop and slice your foods. Getting the right consistency is an arduous exercise. You end up taking a great deal of time just in preparation. Then enters the meat slicer. Power up the appliance, feed your foods through the rotary and it immediately renders the foods evenly sliced. You save time. The meat slicer is a reliable worker. Preparation of food turns into a quick and painless exercise the moment you invest in this appliance. We also know that slicers are not only masters in slicing meats, but also cheeses, bread and vegetables. To people with arthritis or some other impairment that compromises their hand and arm movement, preventing them from using a kitchen knife, the meat slicer is more than just a time saver, it's a God send.

5. No More Leftovers

Buying pre-sliced food means you have to get extra just to be sure there's enough for everyone. At the end of the day, you end up with a pile of leftovers, food gone to waste. However, the food slicer helps contain this vexing experience. Slice just enough for your meal and keep the rest in the freezer to be prepared when needed. The meat slicer helps you save on food.

6. Learn a New Skill

Here's another reason why an electric meat slicer could change your life, you learn a new skill. Everyone wants to become better, wiser, more knowledgeable, right? So, you bring home the majestic meat slicer for the first time. You're used to using the kitchen knife and, after reading this article on how amazing the meat slicer is, you decide to experience it for yourself. The blade glistens in the light as it takes its place on your kitchen counter. You try it out and are taken aback by how effortlessly it tears through the meat. As you continue using it, you develop different strategies of getting the best out of your slicer. Your skills get better and better. You've even learnt how to clean and maintain this appliance that was once a novelty to you. So you see, buying the meat slicer has made you more enlightened.

7. Added Safety

Now, when using the knife, your hand is normally exposed and chances of you mistakenly cutting yourself are high. Maybe you're in a hurry and want to quickly chop up those vegetables for dinner. Probably you're slicing meat and you want the thickness just right. In just a split second, one wrong move and your fingers are injured. Now, yes, with a slicer the sharp blade and the powerful motor make for a perilous combination. However, the safety measures put in place for these electric slicers mitigate this. You have the safety covers that keep the blade separated from your hand and the handles are normally a distance from the blade. Also, the power switch is placed at a position that makes it impossible for you to inadvertently power on the appliance. In any case, knowing the immense power the slicer has, you too will use it with much greater care than you would a knife. So, my point is, injuries related to use of electric meat slicers are far less than when using a kitchen knife. Add in your arsenal, a pair of no cut safety gloves and you reduce the chances of gashing your fingers even more. Read the SliceAdviser Safety Guide for more information.

So there you have it folks, reasons why an electric meat slicer could change your life. The evidence is overwhelming. These appliances do make a good case for themselves. What more can you ask for?