Top Slicers for Cheese

A meat slicer ardently serves its master in the kitchen. This appliance, one of the most zealous in the kitchen, is truly a heterogeneous worker. With proper care, it can effortlessly handle not just the meats, but also vegetables, breads and cheeses. Never does it cower from a challenge.


However, when presented with the cheeses, many a slicer would fail to deliver to expectation. This food presents an exacting challenge to the lower tier electric slicers and requires a certain level of skill to be able to neatly slice through them. How, then, does one master the art of properly slicing cheese? Here is a guide to the best electric meat slicers for cutting cheese.To start with, forget about trying to shove cheese through a light duty budget electric slicer. These slicers aren't made for that job. They will flounder with the block before eventually spitting out a messy product. What you need is a medium to heavy duty slicer. You need one with a strong blade and enough rotary power to quickly cut through the cheese. However, it isn't all up to the slicer. Nothing is as frustrating as attempting to slice a block of cheese that's at room temperature.

Cheese is soft and defiant. It doesn't easily slice, no matter the type of slicer you're using. So, to counter this, make the cheese nice and cold. Keep it in a refrigerator prior to slicing or, better yet, take it out of the freezer and allow it to defrost partially before presenting it to the slicer. The cheese will be nice and solid enough to be able to cut through. If you want nice, thin slices, then you'll find this method quite fruitful. Also, before slicing, get the blade moist. Using a rag, dab some water on the blade to prevent the cheese from clinging onto it. You can also use a spray bottle if you like. So, which are the best electric slicers for cutting cheese?

At $148.45 this is an affordable medium duty electric slicer. The Chef's choice 615 carries a 7 inch blade powered by a 120 watt motor. This little appliance can handle light to medium duty work without complaint. All its structural component are made of stainless steel and cast aluminum, making it a very durable kitchen appliance. The motor packs enough power to effortlessly slice through cheese, producing nice, thin slices in the process.

At $293.99, this power house can handle heavy work without breaking a sweat. It rocks a massive 10 inch blade that's powered by a staggering 240 watt motor. You most definitely get value for your money with this one. Does it handle cheese well? It sure does. It doesn't matter how much cheese you need it to slice, it'll do it with no hassle.

Another powerhouse, this giant from Beswood has personality and class. Its 10 inch blade is chromium plated, making it impervious to rust. Powering the gigantic blade is a 240 watt motor. This slicer is no doubt a fiend to the cheeses. It effortlessly cuts, leaving beautiful, thin slices in its wake.Depending on what your budget is, these three electric slicers are among the most proficient in slicing cheese.